JETO FLAVIAH: The fight for asylum continues

Three years ago, I paid a visit to the Cross Roads Women’s Centre in Kentish Town, London, to speak with All African Women’s Group member, Jeto Flaviah – an activist who has been fighting for the right to asylum for people from war-torn countries.

Born in Uganda, 1968, Jeto lost her husband in the genocide and was separated from her children who she had not seen for five years at that time.  When we spoke in 2011,  she was busy with the powerful Mothers’ Campaign, which focused on reuniting mothers in asylum with their children.

Jeto Flaviah (All African Women's Group) leads the Mothers' Campaign for families torn by war

Jeto Flaviah (All African Women’s Group) leads the Mothers’ Campaign for families torn by war

So as I re-discovered her story in my files, I felt compelled to find out what had happened with the campaign and if she was ever reunited with her three children: Rose, Mark and David who were all respectively 20, 18 and 16 at the time.

Despite a 10 year battle, the good news is that her children are all back with her today. The bad news is that the government have cut legal aid for asylum seekers, which is having a detrimental effect on the campaign.

Here is the short piece I wrote in 2011. And here is an interview with Jetta carried out in just 2013.

I feel moved to re-connect with Jeto again – so please watch this space for an update.


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