Bring on the bass: Incubus monster makes its Norwegian debut at Midnight Sun Festival

IT’S all about the BASS for so many of us! So this year, the Midnight Sun Festival takes it up another notch by bringing the Void Acoustics Incubus monster to Norway for the very first time. And while it booms away over at the Main Floor, it’s little sister – a double Air Motion Statys X – will be sending out crystal clear sound waves through the ether over at Chill Out… 

Sindre Lovlie Haugen is the man behind the system in Norway. He spoke about the two different systems at this year’s Midnight Sun Festival – and how it may compare to others.

13313797_10156917822545291_208100269_o copy
Nice to hear that you’re bringing these monster sound systems to the festival. Tell us how you got involved with Void.

So I’m the co-founder and technical manager of a company called CES – Creative Entertainment Solutions, and we’ve been dealing with Void systems since we started 5+ years ago. We do all kinds of sound, but we also have en extra foot in, and a love for the electronic music scene.

13340444_10156917823555291_1962422319_o copy

Fantastic. So for all the non-geeks out there: how do these two different systems compare to something like Funktion 1?

Well, I can promise you this one will make minced meat out of a F1 for breakfast! Joking aside, and on a more serious note, Void and F1 are two different approaches to the club sound system world. They are both insane, but since it came on the market in 2005/2006,Void has kind of become this crazy new kid on the block. It’s about the extremely powerful but very clear soundscape – and about the new style and look.

13324006_10156917809265291_861887202_o copy

Nice one. What took so long to bring the system to Norway?

Until now, the number and size of events has not been big enough – so a big-scale rental system hasn’t even been considered before. But we have done a lot of nightclub installations and we’ve had several smaller systems for rent too. And now that the scene is growing, and the size of the events are also getting bigger – bigger than even three years ago – it’s starting to make more sense to bring such systems into Norway.\


13288364_10156917824030291_1122110044_o copy

So tell us about the difference between the two systems at the Chill and Main stage areas.

The main difference here is the energy the systems are capable of providing. Don’t get me wrong here – both are insanely powerful, but as an example, the Chill Stage system, which will be a double Air Motion Statys x, this is something I would choose from my toolbox when I need a full-power club stack for 2000 people.

The Incubus is the beast I can use for up to 5000-6000 people. It’s just so much energy available throughout the entire frequency range that it’s actually hard to believe how this relatively compact beast can do this. But it has that eyeball rolling bass and smooth mids and crispy-clear tops that this music really needs.

13321289_10156917823090291_208466934_o copy

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