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Electric Circus for Gaza prepares to Convoy!

The contrast between some of the images displayed on this page is surreal. It demonstrates the world of parallels in which we live. Humanitarian aid project, the Electric Circus has endeavoured to bring these distinct realities closer together with their … Continue reading

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The relaunch of legendary label, Liquid Sound Design [LSD] coincides with next month’s London event, Elixir of Life. With label architect, Youth [aka Martin Glover] at the helm, the city braces itself for a chill-out revival, long-overdue.  The invisible man behind … Continue reading

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Returning to Source…

We’re back once again with the renegade masters this Friday night – down at Brixton’s former Fridge venue to celebrate 21 years of Return to the Source. Anu Shukla takes a hike down memory lane…  Excitable crowds huddled in their groups … Continue reading

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Shanti Planti: Turning the Tables

  The unfairness of music collection societies and record label sharks has never known any bounds – but that may soon be about to change – specially with the advent of social media and sites like Bandcamp – and of … Continue reading

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Interview: Nick Manasseh

Nick Manasseh helped set the precedent for a new UK dub and roots reggae scene in 1985 when he launched the Manasseh Soundsystem with a bunch of old school mates. It led him to join forces with the artist, Scruff … Continue reading

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INTERVIEW: Brujo’s Bowl

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble! Saxon Higgs aka Brujo’s Bowl is a psychedelic warlock with a magic bowl of musical goodies. ‘Brujo’ – which also means ‘witch’ – is a rather apt name for this talented young man who entered … Continue reading

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Wreaking havoc since 1989, Eat Static celebrates 25 years at Sunrise Festival this weekend. Merv Pepler will no doubt, be in the mood to make some noise, scare some kids – and party like it’s 1987 as he dreamily recalls … Continue reading

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