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Jeto Flaviah: the fight for the right to asylum

Jeto Flaviah is a fighter. From detained asylum seeker to determined activist driving a campaign to reunite families that have fled war-torn lands – she has travelled a long road. Advertisements

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JETO FLAVIAH: The fight for asylum continues

Three years ago, I paid a visit to the Cross Roads Women’s Centre in Kentish Town, London, to speak with All African Women’s Group member, Jeto Flaviah – an activist who has been fighting for the right to asylum for … Continue reading

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Wrapped up in spangly headscarf and funky eastern attire, I get off the plane and step into the city of Istanbul. 

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Mad Maggie and the Brixtonites

The impact of Thatcher’s death has fuelled and perpetuated her strategy for dividing the nation. A scene from the Brixton riots (1981) Last week, as Brixtonians converged outside the Ritzy with drums, trumpets and horns in celebration of the “Iron … Continue reading

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